Alpha Update ver 3-Interactive BJ and new Maps

Massive update for the alpha version including dynamic, interactive BJ scene and all new maps for key areas.

12/4/20220 min read

Your patience is rewarded my acolytes of Lust Magic! The update to the alpha version is finally here, and I’m quite happy with the progress. Keep in mind, this is still an invite-only alpha and as such is not a completed game. Still, there is a lot to do here and the improvements are many.

First and foremost, as this ultimately is a lewd-game, I want to make sure that I’m delivering that content and this BJ scene delivers. This is highly interactive animated scene with multiple positions, speeds, outfit options and with two options for the money-shot: swallow or facial.

For the next scene, I’ll be replacing the placeholder anal animation with custom doggy vaginal/anal and similar interactivity.

Both of these scenes will also be modified to work with multiple characters and outfits.

For the maps, I have decided to forgo making my own tilesets to speed up developments and I think it was the right move. Winlu’s tileset is exactly the look I was going for anyway and I was able to add 9 high quality maps in just a few weeks.

Finally, I was never satisfied with the previous intro. It wasn’t sexy enough and didn’t really foreshadow the gameplay, so I’ve completely reworked it. The CGs are just rough thumbnail sketches for now, but if the feedback is positive I will finish those images up and the scene should be very cool.

Summary of developments in this update:

  • New, interactive blowjob scene with the slave girl

  • All new tilesets for most of the maps including Castle Village, Castle, Main Hall, 2nd Floor Hall, Blacksmith, tanner, maid’s quarters, sinkhole farm and jeweler

  • New custom UI

  • Bugfixing

  • Streamlined and more robust character interaction system

  • New icons for all inventory items

  • New Icons for Skills/Stats

  • New Animations for Willpower Potions

  • Interactivity for much of the world

  • Completely new intro mock-up

  • New Alchemy Interaction Screen

  • Alchemy ingredient gathering system

  • Alchemy Recipe HUD

For the next update:

  • New Icons for the UI

  • Finished Intro CGS

  • Animated Anal SceneTiles for Lab, Tavern, Forest Pool, and Goblin Caves

  • New character sprites for the map

  • Populating characters on the maps

  • Integrating lewd questlines

  • New potions

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