Dev Update #10: Apha Ver. 4 is Here.

New maps, new music, a Reworked intro and the Alpha Update is released!

3/26/20232 min read

Greetings, my devoted acolytes of Lust Magic.

I have been hard at work with my minions producing this latest version of the alpha and I believe that you will be quite pleased with the results. We have incorporated 3 major changes in this version as well minor additions and bug fixes:

Major Changes:

·        New Full Color NSFW Introduction Scene with Animations

·        Custom and Specific Music for Each Scene and Faction

·        New Maps in the Goblin Caves


This latest version of the game contains the new introduction with completed full color CGs. This introduction contains a sequence that foreshadows the relationship between Greely and the Baroness and includes some magical BDSM and power play.

Subscribers can download the new version of the game (delivered in your email) and check out the new introduction. Let me know what you think!


We have also added in specific music unique to each location and also the specific factions. The music was made by a talented musical composer and also includes a new custom-made track for the goblin faction.


Finally, we added in new maps in as well. Specifically these are of the goblin caves used in the Lust Shaman initiation ritual.

Going forward:

For the next alpha version update (Planned for June 1st, 2023), we are going to be going all out on developing the story, NPC interactivity and the manipulation gameplay. I’d also like to rework the anal scene with the initiation slave-girl in the “climax” of the game. Heh, heh. I’m going to be reworking this with custom artwork.


Thanks again for your support, and for playing the game. Don’t forget that pact that you have signed in blood in order to play this game. We need your feedback, don’t forget to fill out the feedback form provided!

We take your comments very seriously and incorporate them into the gameplay.

Enjoy my evil ones!