Dev Update #6: Spriter Sprites, New Tiles Sets and New CGs

Progress Report: Spriter Sprites, New Tiles Sets and Plan for new CGs

7/21/20222 min read

So it turns out my goal of 1 week to send out the next update was a teensy bit optimistic. Here we are one month later and the improved alpha is not ready to be released yet. However, it will be out in just a couple of more weeks (as soon as possible!).

In this blog, I want to update you on the progress and the direction of this little project, but first, allow me to explain why the delay in releasing the update.

The reason that I released a content-light, and buggy alpha at all was to start getting some feedback on this beast, and the good news is that we did receive a lot of feedback. The bad news is that many people noted how buggy the game was. I don’t want to release another super-buggy game, so I’m at least going to fix some of the most glaring bugs with the new sprites before I release the next version.

Speaking of which, we have new sprites! Previously, I had pixel art sprites that I had stolen, hacked and cobbled together. It was fine for a placeholder, but the game lacked any kind of coherent art style and making the sprites do anything more than walk was quite tough.

The new sprites were made using spriter, which is a 2d animation software that allows for rich animations and complex movements. The other benefit is the interchangeable parts so it is easy to modify/change sprites and add new components to them. This will make it easier and faster to add sprites in the future.

This is also, unfortunately, why I need to spend some extra time debugging the game now. I am copying and pasting the framework for the sprites so if I don’t fix the problems now, I will be copying and pasting errors.

That said, I have implemented the below into the game so far, and this will be released in the next version as soon as I finish debugging.

Recapping the progress:

  • Added spriter sprites for each of the maids

  • Includes sweeping animations, nude and dressed versions of each maid

  • Multiple (seven, to be exact) hair colors

  • Created new custom tiles for walls and floors and ceilings. Also tables and stools.

  • Created New chibi sprites with more appealing proportions

  • Remove extraneous/confusing games from final scene

  • Added help to menu

Before next release:

  • Debug maid movements

After this bug-fix release I plan on developing another erotic H-scene, probably a BJ from the slave girl and I will try to include at least a draft of that in the next update. I will also be working on swapping out some of the placeholder graphics with the new custom stuff.

Thank you all for your interest, your patience and your support. You will soon be rewarded with mayhem, mischief and smut!