Dev Update #8: Massive Update Planned for November!

New animation, new tileset, and big progress!

11/3/20222 min read

The darkness shines on you my perverted acolytes of the Lust Shamans!

We have a very important launch coming for the next phase of our alpha. This will be the largest update we have done to date and will completely revamp and improve major parts of our game and move us a giant step closer to completion.

I’m targeting Nov 15th for the release of the next Alpha- update.

Among the many changes, here are two of the most important: new lewd scene, and new tileset. These were both a major undertaking and dramatically improve the game. We’ll cover both, but first, the lewds.

This is the "raven totem slave" portion of the Shaman initiation ceremony. In lewd terms, it’s a bj, but its also hand drawn, highly interactive and includes a customizable outfit. For now it is entirely user controlled but I have plans to make a “surprise me” option where the user can have the slave control the action on her own using an algorithm.

There are some very cool possibilities in the future where I may be able to have the slave “learn” what the player likes and respond accordingly, but for now, the user is completely in control and it is awesome.

Check out a brief demo of it here:

The other very cool aspect is a totally new tileset to replace the rather ugly default tileset that I have been using. I was planning on drawing the entire tileset myself, (something I really wanted to do), but in the interest of getting this game completed in a reasonable amount of time, this is a no-brainer.

I managed to find a brand-new tileset that achieves pretty much the exact aesthetic that I was going for, has all of the pieces that I need, and I now no longer need to draw it from scratch = more time that I can spend on story, gameplay and lewds.

I have already added the castle courtyard and first floor of the castle keep, and the result is phenomenal so far.

Before and After pics:

Other things we have implemented include new sharper, custom UI interface, potion recipes visible from alchemy screen, new custom icons for skills and inventory items, more interactive NPCs, and simpler dialogue options.

For the next alpha release coming in November, I would like to have all of the maps redone in the new tileset.

Once this next alpha comes out, we will be not far away from the public Beta.

Here are the key components I want for the public beta will need:

  • New map sprites for all factions and key characters

  • Character sprites for all factions

  • Manipulation quests

  • Court scene

  • Scrying

  • Secret passages

  • Lewds: Paizuri/vaginal/anal modular system.

  • Integrate Obedience Training (paddling, switch, bondage and humiliation punishments)

At the current rate, I think its reasonable to target a public Beta within 1 year.  Considering that I have put almost 3 years into this project so far, that is not so much longer.