Dev Update #9: Plan and Release Schedule for 2023

An outline of what needs to be completed for the public Beta version, and release schedule for the remaining alpha builds.

1/15/20230 min read

Welcome back friends and acolytes of Lust Magic! We are fast approaching the 3rd year of development for The Court Magician and it is time to get this monstrosity ready for a public release (yes, we are all aching for release at this point!).

The plan is to release a public Beta version of the game, come goblin invasion or high water, by December of 2023. There is still much to be done by then, but at least this devious, tentacled demon of a game had taken shape and we can see a path to the end.

Below, I am outlining the plan of what I want to get accomplished by the end of 2023, and we will complete as much of this as we can by the deadline. I will also be releasing 3 more alpha versions for my dear associates to test. The remaining alpha versions will be released in March, Jun and September of 2023.

The first is scheduled for Mar 15th.

The whole point of these alpha versions is to get feedback. Your feedback is invaluable to me, and has gone a long way to directly improving the game. Please keep it up! Reach out to me anytime with comments, bug reports or feedback.

I will show you the secret plan for what still needs to be done, but first here are some goodies we implemented since the last blog:

  • Finished 11 of 45 completed renders for the new intro sequence.

  • implemented new map sprites for the Baroness, and alternate hairstyles for other female characters

  • Updated the code implementation to the Weakness quests

Here are the remaining items to be completed by December:

  • Maps

    • Forest Pool

    • Goblin Cave

    • Totem Chamber

    • Initiation Chamber

    • Treasure Room - open/closed

  • Map Sprites

  • Character Portraits

  • New Potions

  • Dialogue

  • Sex Scenes

    • Strip

    • HJ

    • BJ

    • Paizuri

    • Missionary

    • Doggy

    • Anal

    • Cowgirl

    • Cowgirl Anal

    • Breastfeeding

    • Sleepy

  • BDSM

    • Paddling

    • Lashing

    • Clamps

  • Quests

    • Weakness Quests

    • Tutoring/Corruption Quests

    • Poor Little Rich Girl

    • Facecream

    • Needful Things

    • Vassal Quests

    • Training Quests

  • Features

    • Slave/Vassal Mechanic

    • Holding Court Mechanic

Its a lot to complete but we will endeavor to get as much of it completed by December as possible! Until next time my gentleman of culture!