Free Version Release and Next Supporter Release

We share the latest free version, address some common issues and outline our plans for the next supporter release.

3/7/20243 min read

We are pleased to share that the latest Free version of the Court Magician (ver 0.9) is now available on itch. We are currently planning the next Patreon release for 3/30/2024.

We have some ambitious targets for the next version, and as always we are going to include an animated, interactive lewd scene. We also have a ton of new art to integrate and a new, lewd-filled questline. Finally we are going to update the skill progression of the Tarot system so that you get better at using the cards over time.

Two big complaints that we have received are 1) bugs and 2) art clash.

Regarding the bugs, our valiant programmer is developing an entirely new and more robust dialog system to replace the old one which was held together with shoe string and duct tape. Once fully integrated, this will remove the dreaded black-screen bug that occurs sometimes with dialog. It will also make dialog much easier to write and implement new dynamic quests.

In regards to Art Clash, there are several types of art clash here: placeholder art, default assets and art style.

The first is due to placeholder art. These are almost all completely gone from the game. There are only 2 placeholder portraits remaining and these are minor npcs that you may never even see.

The second type is due to using some rpgmaker default assets. There are only a couple of map sprite npcs who use this default art type, and they will be gone soon, but they are lower priority. We also use Rpgmaker battlebacks as the backgrounds for the NPC portraits which we may replace at some point in the future, but again, it is lower priority.

Finally we have a clash of art styles from my earliest art in the game to my latest art. My vision for the game has always been to have a combination of 90s Sierra adventure game style mixed with 90s Disney/western comic style. While I think I have achieved a functional Sierra style, my animated portraits were a mixed success.

The Disney look is actually very difficult to achieve (which is why it was one of the hardest studios to get into in its glory days), and I did not have the artistic ability to mimic it, let alone create my own disney style characters. It is actually much easier to do a pseudo-realistic look (some of described it as early Elder Scrolls style cover art). So my earliest art in game looked like this with heavy shading and rendering and realistic proportions.

I have been formally studying art for a few years now though and recently I have had more success at achieving the Disney look. So I am working on unifying the art style with this look. Some of my early supporters really liked the old look and dont like the new look and I'm sorry about that. I will incorporate a feature to toggle between the art styles in future versions.

Thats is it for now.

Thank you all for your financial (subscribestar, patreon and itch) and spiritual support (emails, discord support, forums and positive reviews), its what makes doing this worthwhile!

Updates for Next Version:

  • Maid FAP

  • Dialog Reliability/interactivity, new system

  • Lewd Drawing Quest

  • New Slave Portraits

  • New Baroness Portraits

  • Tarot Skill Progression

  • Dungeon Map

Stretch Goals:

  • BJ Scene

  • Win Conditions

  • New Spell