Greely's Secret Journal

Greely smiled as Jezelle walked into his lab. She was wearing a simple brown dress and white apron. She had a long blonde hair done up in a bun as she was ready to work. Her dress could barely contain her bosoms as they were extremely large, sagging a bit from the size, despite her being only 21 years old. Jezelle was still a bit haughty, but he had slowly been training her to be more obedient.

He had convinced her that the lab was very dangerous and that she must obey his every command without question to stay safe. Soon she would be his personal whore, he would train her well. Still he knew that he would have to move slowly with her in order to not arouse suspicion. She was still quite naive.

Tonight he would have fun with her. He would have to convince her to let him touch her. But how to do it without arousing suspicion? "Ah," he thought, "I know."

"Please come here dear," he said to her as he sat in his reclining chair, a chair that he needed as he was extremely overweight. It also helped him to move around the lab as he had difficulty walking on his own. He loved this chair, it comfortably cradled his massive gut and rump.

She walked over to the chair and bent over him, but he stopped her. "I will need to fit you for a protective bodice." He said.

"A what?" she asked. He had decided to create a bodice for her. It was infused with a powerful protection spell designed to deflect and absorb any magic that might be directed at her. This way if Greely or anyone else was to attack her, the bodice would protect her. Of course it would it would also stop her from escaping.

"Step into this special chair," he pointed to a small chair. She noticed it had a special harness on it that would force her to sit in a specific position. She was a little uneasy, but she was sure he was just trying to protect her. So she climbed up into the chair and sat down, a bit uncomfortably. She knew the chair would protect her.

She did not even notice that Greely had taken out a large pair of scissors. "Now I need to measure you to make sure the protective bodice

works. I need to measure your bust."

"Oh! I... I... um... I have never let anyone measure me like that." She blushed and stammered.

"Oh, my dear I am just trying to protect you. There is no need to be shy. Now please lean forward and touch your toes." He said as he took off his own robe to show her that he was not hiding a weapon or anything else underneath.

"Alright," she said as she leaned forward

His eyes were glued to her sagging breasts as they hung down just a few inches from his face. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. He put the scissors on the floor, grabbed her breasts and started to squeeze them. She yelped in surprise and jumped back. "What are you doing?!" she yelled.

"Ah, I am sorry dear. I am still quite clumsy." He said as he picked up the scissors and started to measure her breasts. His hands were shaking as he tried to get a measurement. "Ah... 36 inches?" he asked.

"O.K." she said. "That is fine."

"Ah... yes... yes." He said as he started to touch her chest again. With his hands shaking he was barely able to give her a massage. He was touching her skin, sweat dripping down his forehead.

"I think that is good for today. You may go now." He said.

She left the lab a bit shaken. She wondered why he was touching her like that. She had seen how he looked at her. He was always staring at her body as he walked by. Still she did not want to speak up. She did not want to cause any trouble....

The Protective Bodice