Greely's Secret Journal

Jezelle stood nervously outside of Greely's lab, unsure of what to expect from her new job as the court magician's maid. As she knocked on the door, it creaked open, revealing a short, fat, balding man with greasy hair on the sides of his head. She couldn't help but feel a wave of revulsion at the sight of him, but quickly composed herself and introduced herself.

"Ah, Jezelle. You're the new maid, yes? Come in, come in," Greely said, his voice oily with insincerity.

As Jezelle entered the lab, she noticed the shelves lined with jars of mysterious liquids and strange artifacts. The air was thick with the smell of chemicals and magic.

Despite his unappealing appearance, Greely had a keen mind and a gift for cunning, which he used to control and manipulate those around him.

Jezelle was 21 years old, with a beautiful, voluptuous body and an ample bosom. Greely was immediately attracted to her, but he knew he couldn't let her know. Instead, he assigned her tasks that put her in awkward positions, hoping to make her more loyal and obedient.

As Jezelle went about her work, she couldn't help but notice Greely's lecherous gaze and the way he lingered too close to her. She tried to ignore it, knowing that she was just a servant and that he was her master.

Despite this, she couldn't shake the feeling that Greely was watching her every move. And she was right. Every time she made a mistake, Greely would punish her with a stern scolding or even bend her over his desk and paddle her.

But Jezelle soon learned that Greely's punishments were also his way of testing her limits. He would give her impossible tasks, knowing that she would fail, just so he

could punish her. And he relished in the power he had over her.

But Greely's desires only grew stronger, and he found himself becoming increasingly obsessed with Jezelle.

One day, Jezelle walked into Greely's laboratory. She was assigned to assist the court magician in his work, but she knew there was more to it than just fetching him his supplies. Greely always had a sly smile on his face, and Jezelle couldn't help but feel uneasy around him.

"Ah, Jezelle, I see you've brought me the ingredients I asked for," Greely said, his voice smooth and almost hypnotic. "You've done well. I think I'll need your help with the next part of the experiment."

Jezelle nodded, unsure of what to expect. Greely had her do many tasks, from cleaning his lab to serving him his meals, but she had a feeling there was always an ulterior motive.

As she assisted Greely in his work, he would often make small talk with her, commenting on her beauty and how lucky he was to have such a lovely assistant. Jezelle tried to ignore his advances, but she couldn't help but feel a twinge of excitement at the attention.

One day, Greely asked Jezelle to retrieve a book from a high shelf. As she reached for it, he placed his hand on her waist, pulling her closer to him. "You have such a beautiful figure," he said, his breath hot on her neck. "I can't help but notice how curvaceous you are."

Jezelle felt a rush of heat in her cheeks, but she didn't pull away. Instead, she found herself leaning into his touch, enjoying the feeling of his hands on her body. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help herself.

Over time, Greely became more and more demanding. He would have her do things that made her feel uncomfortable, but he always had a way of making her feel like it was all for the greater good.

"A good servant does what they are told without question," he would say, and Jezelle found herself becoming more and more obedient with each passing day.

As the days went by, Jezelle found herself becoming more and more obedient to Greely's every command. And Greely began to take notice of her physical appearance, admiring her ample bosom and shapely figure.

"Jezelle, I need you to wear this low-cut dress in the lab,"

Greely said, handing her a revealing gown. "It will make you look more presentable."

Jezelle hesitated, feeling uncomfortable with the attention she was receiving. But Greely's sharp gaze made her comply.

And so, Jezelle slowly became more permissive in what she allowed, even though she knew it was wrong.

Greely gave her many tasks, but his goal was to make her more loyal and obedient. He employed a variety of obedience training techniques, including punishments and humiliations. For example, he would make her wear ill-fitting dresses and parade around the lab while he watched, or make her clean the floors with a toothbrush.

Greely enjoyed these punishments because they made him feel powerful and in control.

He knew Jezelle would often fail at these tasks, but he gave them to her anyway to further increase his power over her. and so that he could punish her. Greely loved paddling and humiliating her.

He would often taunt her and make her feel worthless, telling her that she was only good for one thing.

Despite her reservations, Jezelle found herself becoming more and more permissive in what she allowed Greely to do to her.

After about two weeks, Greely decided to raise the stakes. Today he would paddle her in just her panties. After she broke a glass beaker, Greely ordered Jezelle over to the desk to be paddled. She had become very obedient at this point and did as she was told.

Greely looked at her luscious firm ass in her tight brown maids uniform. He had ensured that it was too small for her around the waist and breasts.

"Lift up your skirt." Greely ordered. "Apparently paddling you over the dress is not sufficient."

Jezelle hesitated, but then lifted her hem up over her hips, struggling to get the tight material over her ample, round behind. She was wearing white cotton panties. She blushed as she saw Greely's eyes fixated on her.

"You've been a very bad maid, Jezelle," Greely said, his voice thick with desire. "And you need to be punished." Greely continued.

"Weasel bring me the paddle!" Greely barked. Greely's bearded hunchbacked assistant was ready and brought the leather paddle over at once. "Yes Master!" he hissed.

Greely sized up Jezelle, who looked back at him expectantly. He raised the paddle, pausing for effect, and then began to work her ass cheeks, admiring the way they jiggled with each stroke. He could tell that she was uncomfortable and embarrassed, but she didn't move or protest. He had trained her well, which just turned him on even more.

Greely paddled her harder, his cock growing rigid with each stroke.

As they continued working together, Jezelle's obedience increased, and Greely's passion for her grew.

Jezelle's skin grew red and flushed, and eventually Greely stopped paddling her. He gently ran his hands over her hot, red, stinging ass cheeks. He couldn't believe how much he had enjoyed paddling her, as it was a position of complete dominance over her.

The danger now, however, was that Jezelle might come to enjoy it as well. At this point, the game would be over. She would know that she could control him the same way that he controlled her.

Jezelle began to breathe heavily. Greely could tell she was overwhelmed by the situation, and he decided to give her a break. "You have been very good today. I think you've earned some time off."

Greely wasn't finished with her, however. As she got up, he reached his arm around her and forced her to turn around. He pulled her into him so that her mouth was inches from his and she could smell his foul breath. Greely could smell the lavender that she washed with as well as the faint smell of her sex. He pushed his hand up her skirt, cupping her mound. He could feel the wetness through the thin cotton.

Jezelle froze in place. She was breathing heavily and was unsure of what to do.

Greely could feel her body temperature rise and her heart rate increase.

He smiled to himself.

He knew he had won the game. He was the master and she was his slave.

Greely stroked her through her panties for what seemed like minutes, as they stood together silently. Slowly Jezelle's body began to relax and she began to breathe even heavier. He continued to stroke her until her panties became soaking wet.

"Take off your dress" Greely ordered.

Jezelle's eyes grew wide; she had never undressed in front of anyone before, but she did not hesitate. She quickly removed her dress, leaving her in only her soaked panties.

"On your knees, girl" Greely said. Jezelle knelt down in front of him. Greely admired her there looking up at him like a scared doe with cool blue eyes and large but perky young breasts jutting outward with nipples fully erect.

"You've gone and created a problem for me that you will have to take care of." Here eyes widened as she understood what was happening.

"Lift up my robe."

Jezelle obeyed, feeling overcome with a need to obey Greely. Quickly she lifted the filthy black robe with both hands and was struck by the odor of unwashed crotch. With one hand she held the robe up and with the other she pulled out his tiny and smelly erection and stared at it.

"Good girl," Greely said. Jezelle did not know how to respond; she was used to being degraded and disgraced, but not praised. Greely's crotch felt smelled like an old fish and his smell was putrid.

Before she had time to reconsider, Greely forced her head towards him and thrust his erection in her mouth. She cautiously licked the head at first as Greely held her face in his crotch. It tasted as bad as it smelled.

Still she decided licking was preferable to sucking so she licked up and down the quivering shaft until Greely became impatient. He grabbed his tiny cocke with one hand and the back of her head with the other. He guided it into her reluctant mouth.

"Yes, that's right." he grunted. Greely felt the warm wetness engulf him as his dick blossomed to full strength in her mouth.

Jezelle could feel her nostrils fill with the stench of his crotch and she began to close her eyes from the nausea and repulsion.

Jezele fought back tears. Greely was humiliating her, but she continued to suck. "If I do a good job she" thought, "he will be done faster."

Jezelle slowly sucked his cock back and forth, burying her nose in his smelly pubic hair and bouncing her forehead off his hairy fat belly. Greely was in ecstasy, shocked at how quickly his maid had taken to cock sucking.

"Use your tongue around the head" he panted. She would swirly her tongue around his cockhead when she pulled back before diving deep back in. Becuase his dick was so small, she had no trouble taking the whole thing in her mouth.

Greely tried to delay as long as he could but he could feel his balls tighten as he came closer and closer to orgasm.

He began bucking as he thrust himself forcefully into her mouth. She had no choice but to take it. Greely placed his hands on the back of her head and held her in place.

Eventually he could feel the juices rising up inside of him. With one final thrust he came deep into Jezelle's mouth.

"Unnnnnnnh" he said. "Oh yes." Greely moaned as he slowed his pace. "Swallow it all. Just suck it slowly" he ordered.

As she swallowed the foul tasting cream, he pulled out of her mouth and cum ran down the corners of her lips.

Greely smiled as Jezelle licked the cum off her lips. "Good girl" he repeated.

The second phase of Greely's plan was now complete. It was only a matter of time now before he had Jezelle completely under his control.

The Paddling