New Art and New Website

Results from the first month of daily art asset updates, plus a redesign of the website

9/17/20233 min read

Greetings, My perverted friends and followers of The Court Magician,

Last month we committed to making 1 new art asset per day for the next 2 months, and I must admit, I was a bit nervous that I would be able to deliver on this. Fortunately, the demons of lust have smiled on me and the results have exceeded my expectations! However, in sharing this art, it became clear that the website was woefully outdated, more on that in a moment.

First, the art!

Art Extravaganza: Beautiful and Beastly NPCs, Sprites and Magic

It is important to me to have unique character sprites and animated portraits for all of the characters in the game and so this has been the primary focus of the past few weeks.


We have constructed beautiful pixel-art NPCs all animated and many with multiple variations. These are animated with spriter to give them a unique “look” when they move around and allowing for more complex animations.


The animated portraits begin with a digital drawing and are then animated using dragon bones software. These animations not only bring the drawings to life visually, but enable the characters to portray emotions when in dialogue.

Behind the Scenes

What many people don’t realize is how much work goes into the art that is not scene. In order to make art that is of sufficient quality, I train in traditional media doing countless hours of studies of figure drawings and art courses.

What's Next?

As this month fades to a close, we're ramping up the game’s coming launch.

Next month will see the remainder of the Art Extravaganza, promising more tantalizing creations, animations, and characters. It will also include one of the last alpha builds released before the Open Beta in January 2024. This will include all of the new art work and animations as well as some updates and improvements.

Remember that these closed alpha builds are you chance to alter the destiny of the game, so let us know your feedback on what you like/don’t like!

Support Us!

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Thank you for your sinful support, and here's to many more months of dark desires!