Dev update #4 Slutty Maid and Dialogue Revolution

In this post we share the latest erotic artwork and the gigantic leap we have made in today's progress report.

New Guy

5/11/20223 min read

TLDR; mostly finished a picture, but it needs another 2 weeks to animate. Also created revolutionary dynamic dialogue system.

5 weeks ago I set out to do a 2-week update that I thought would be a relatively easy and straightforward sprint before I moved on to other things…here we are 3 weeks past schedule and I can report good news and bad news.

Here’s what I set out to do:

1) implement a new picture that I had already drawn and

2) update the “small talk” system to be dynamic

The bad news is, the picture still needs some work and probably at least another two weeks to animate.

The good news is that the picture actually looks pretty good (you can see it below).

More importantly, I created a revolutionary new dialogue system that will make the game much more dynamic, reactive and customized to each person’s experience and style. It will also be faster to add new dialogue into the game.

Here’s some context: The way RPGMaker is built to make dialogue, it requires navigating a series of menus though an eventing system. If you want dynamic dialogue (ie NPCs don’t just repeat the same line over and over), you have to navigate menus and create switches and variables and nesting if statements that reference those variables.

In my new system, I can bulk write dialogue in excel sheets and write rules for each line of dialogue next to it, then paste these into a folder in the game. This allows me to create dozens of lines at a time with incredible variation and customization, all without touching the editor and creating confusing blocks of pseudo code.

This is important because a primary goal for this game is to have believable characters with depth.

But wait, isn’t this a porn game?

Yes, I'm making a smut game. But really what I'm making is a story generator. Porn is not in short supply on the internet, if you want porn, you know where to find it.

What makes a game preferable over just a video or a still image is the ability of the player to interact, to control the character, to create the stories of their choosing.

That's what this project is all about, and we just got a lot closer to that goal in this update.

Next 2 week sprint goals: integrate the animated maid scene into the game, and work on updating the current story to integrate the new dialogue system. As a stretch, I’d like to have a blowjob scene sketched out.

P.S. My wizard’s apprentices, you all have an important role in this to play. Together we are going to make a work of interactive, animated smut. I need your input to keep me on track and make sure the changes are moving the project in the right direction. The beginning will be slow, but it will be worth the wait if we persevere. I can't wait to hear your feedback when we share the alpha next month.