Updated Alpha

Latest alpha version of the game released.

8/17/20220 min read

So we finally have our alpha update 0.1.1. In this update we managed to fix some bugs, remove some flawed content, and add in some new content. This took a bit longer than expected as I added in more content, then originally intended and also have been doing some art training. Here’s quick summary of the changes:

  • Added help button to the menu

  • New “spriter” Sprites for the maids

  • New tileset additions in the lab

  • Removed extraneous games from the finale

  • Fixed translucent NPC images bug

  • Simplified NPC interaction menu

  • Replaced kneeling slave placeholder images

Old Slave Back
New Lab Tileset
Old Lab Tileset
Old Lab Tileset
Old Lab Tileset
New Slave Back (WIP)

For the next update will have this new image colored and added to the game, will also have a draft of the new BJ scene for the slave. I'm also working on building out the content for the individual corruption paths and will see if we can include one in the next update.

The old download link should link to the new update, but I will include it in the email version of this blog post. As always, don't forget to fill out the feedback form!

Thank you for your support!

Yours in perversion, Sin N Saved