Dev Update #2 – Idling and Intros (and booty)

In this update we create our naughty lass's idling animation and clean up some of the introductions. Plus alpha launch date announced!

New Guy

3/23/20222 min read

My goal is to get a fun, playable alpha out as soon as possible so that we can get some feedback from the community.

I’m targeting June 1st, 2022 as the limited alpha release date.

The alpha will be open to a select few playtesters who will be able to try the first version of the game and give me their initial feedback. Everyone on this distribution list is eligible to be one of those lucky few and will receive an invitation to the alpha version.

(If you are not on the distribution list you can sign up here)

To that end, I ‘m focusing on keeping the scope manageable in each of these 2 week sprints.

These past 2 weeks were focused on cleaning up some of the intros to make it more user friendly and getting some of the more versatile erotic content into the game.

Intros—Added intro text to the Steward Character, the Alchemy Set and the Tarot Cards. Now the first time that you interact with these, there will be a message that states how they work.

Erotic Content—Some light BDSM will be an important theme in the game as various young ladies will need to be “disciplined” using a paddle, lash or riding crop (well, how else are they supposed to learn?). As such I’ve created a base model and begun the animation process. Clothing, Hair style/color as well as eye color will vary depending on which lass is being punished, but this base should be able to be used for multiple characters.

I’ve completed the drawing and done the work of importing it into DragonBones software for animation (no small task unfortunately), and completed a good first pass on the idle animation. See below.

 Next Update:

For the next update I am aiming to have the paddling animation completed, and hopefully, installed into the game itself. I have a version of this with placeholder art already created, so there is a strong chance that it will be completed on time.

I think that will likely be enough for the next update, but if there is extra time, I will be working on building out the dialogue choices for the various NPCs. One of the important features of this game is that all of the characters are procedurally generated. This enables you to have a new cast of ladies to corrupt every time that you restart the game. Muhahahaha!