Game Update # 1 - Art and Organization

First bi-weekly update, featuring new art!

New Guy

3/7/20222 min read

Greetings fellow men (and ladies) of culture!

Over the last 2 weeks I have been working hard to produce in the 2 areas that were most sorely needed: more art and more organization.

At the end of the day, Court Magician is a about sexy court intrigue and magic. It is important to me that I provide you with the finest quality cartoon ladies and so below I humbly submit the latest addition to group. Court Magician utilizes a paper doll system where images have a base and then have layers of customization on top of that to allow for variety. This is the initial image that will be used for the "obedience" pose to keep our young ladies disciplined and ready for work!

This character pose will be animated in the coming weeks where she will come to life. The animation will include optional clothing items, an idle animation and a whacking animation, so that she can be properly paddled to keep her in line.

I already bit a working mockup of this animation so once I draw the clothes, we should be able to animate her up in short order.

The other area where I focused these past few weeks is just as important but much less exciting: User Story Mapping.

Basically this process maps the user experience from beginning to end, first as it is and then allows you to identify where to best add in the features for the next update in a manageable "sprint".

For this coming update, I'm focusing on updating the graphics of the "obedience" minigame (see pic above) and blocking off a bunch of half-finished or irrelevant features so that I have a stable release to share with playtesters.

If you are interested in trying the alpha version of the game, make sure to sign up on the mailing list below! Until next time!