Dev Update #7: Court Magician Progress Update 10/2/2022

New pics, and big progress!

10/2/20222 min read

Greetings friends, and perverted acolytes of the Lust Shamans!

We have made some big changes since our last update, that I believe will go a long way to improving the speed of production, the reliability of the product and the fun of the game. Plus we have some babes for you and mock ups of our animated bj scene.

First the graphics. We have a new image of our slave girl in training for the goblin Lust Shamans.

This completes the non-lewd set for the slave girl and we will now begin work on the lewd set. First up is a little bj scene. I’ve thumbnailed several ideas for this and will probably be doing either option 1 or 6. I should have the completed art work for the next update, and possibly the animation as well.

Now on to the other things.

We have made some major changes behind the scenes that took some time to implement, but make the programming MUCH easier now. I will skip the programmer stuff that we implemented and just update you on the one effect that you will see.

We have changed the time system from a real time simulation that moves in 5 min increments, to 8 discreet time periods: Midnight, Early morning, Morning, Mid-morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening and Night. This makes the programming, exponentially easier and less buggy, and it also makes it less tedious for the player to learn schedules and know where the NPCs are. The NPCs will still be going about their business as usual according to what time it is, but time won’t progress unless the player does a time-passing action such as “waiting”, “resting”, “studying”, making a potion or some other action that takes time.

Finally, on top of all of these changes, we have also figured out how to standardize image sizes (duh) to make file sizes smaller and reduce the amount of programming required to position and resize them. This should enable us to shrink the overall program size significantly.

Also added is a new graphic for the alchemy table, which will be a major portion of the game. For the next update we want to have the bj added, dialog improved, and schedules implemented for the npcs.

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to getting the next update out in about a month!