Public Beta Launch Today after 4 Years!

After 4 years of development, the public Beta Launch is finally here.

1/20/20242 min read

Today marks a pivotal moment in the arcane tapestry of The Court Magician as we unveil for the first time, the Public Beta version! 🎉

My Gift to You
This marks a key turning point in the 4-year saga of this game's development because this game is now publicly available on our page (and also Patreon/Subscribestar) for anyone who wishes to download it. This does not mean the game is complete...far from it! The content pipeline is just beginning! However, it does mean that there is a completely playable Chapter 1 with a lot of sexiness and wicked scheming.

Almost all of the placeholder art is gone now (still a few holdovers that should be weeded out over the few weeks) and we have implemented a truly dynamic and sexy erotic training system for the maid-servant in addition to the content already created for the Baroness and Slave girl.

New Additions:

  • Behold the regal allure with a new portrait for the other daughter and queen.

  • Delight in the mischievous reactions of our maids in a bewitching new scene.

  • Explore fresh training options: delve into the art of belittlement and paddle training.

  • Seek out treasures – from silver rings to precious coins, and discover hidden jewelry and storage boxes.

  • Witness animated conversations with talking animations.

  • Experience the portal's mystical effects on the queen.

  • Immerse yourself in the animated portraits of the Queen and the Molloch Idol.

  • Conclude Chapter 1 with a captivating image.

Bug Fixes:

  • Faded out end dialog for a seamless transition.

  • Dynamic dialog menus for a more immersive experience.

  • Bid farewell to the side menu, enhancing clarity.

  • No more mysterious blackouts after conversing with the cook or jeweler.

  • Made tutorials optional – because we respect your expertise!

  • Resolved the post-shaman ritual crash.

  • Steward no longer barks when absent from the room.

Good News/Bad News
While I am very happy with and proud of the work that we were able to produce to get to this point, as a single developer, I wasn't able to include everything that I wanted in this version. That's the bad news.

The good news is that I have a lot of content that is already almost finished and will be able to be included in the next update! The even better news on top of that, is that a very talented artist has recently joined the team. I'm a big fan of his work and some of his content has made it into this version. In just the few short weeks he has been involved with the project, he has already dramatically sped up the production process and the quality of the work. I'll post more about him and his work soon in a subsequent post.

Go out and enjoy the game!
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Thanks again for your support and we will have more updates for you soon!


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