You are the FIRST, Now is the Time

We have launched on Subscribestar and Patreon! Show your support for our game.

12/16/20232 min read

My dear Acolytes of Lust Magic,

Your fanatical support and feedback has fueled the creation of The Court Magician and made it a better game, and for that, we extend our deepest gratitude.

We're now thrilled to unveil the next phase of this journey, the creation of our support platform on SubscribeStar and Patreon.

Please support us on SubscribeStar, where the there is less restriction on explicit creativity and less chance of being shut down arbitrarily. However, we are honored to have your support on either platform.

At Sin and Salvation Games, we wish to provide you with a game driven by our depraved sense of lust and artistry, and for this reason (free expression), we would encourage you to support us on SubscribeStar.

We do realize that Patreon is more popular, so if that is your preferred platform feel free to support us there. We are grateful for support on either platform!

As followers of our game, you are privy to an exclusive community, and so I'm inviting you here to be one of our FIRST supporters.

We have a limited amount of subscriber tiers available on both platforms, so if you are interested and would like to receive exclusive rewards (uncensored art, early access to the game builds, feedback into the direction of the game and custom rewards for our top tiers) , please sign up now!

This is your chance to make maximum impact, as the first subscribers are the most important to reach and you will set the tone for memberships in the future. Once the first batch of tiers have been filled, we will be closing them to new subscribers and raising the prices on tiers for our next offering so be sure to purchase a membership now at the entry level price.

Most importantly, your support means that there is motivation to drive me forward in the development of this game. So if you think that this game is worth supporting, please do so by joining our supporters!

Thank you for being instrumental in our debaucherous and delightful exploits. Together, let's script tales that enthrall and captivate.

You are the first. Everything depends on your involvement.

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Yours in depravity,

Sin and Salvation Games